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The Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering was established to provide manpower for the oil and gas industry of Ghana and beyond. The undergraduate programmes focus on the development of strong fundamentals in mathematics, sciences and engineering followed by in-depth treatment of courses under the three main branches of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering which are Drilling Engineering, Reservoir Engineering and Production Engineering. Our postgraduate students participate in scientific research activities that include experimental research, mathematical analyses, computational modelling, and/or field studies.

Certificate Programmes

The Certificate in Drilling Fluids Technology is designed to produce personnel capable of applying scientific and technical skills in designing drilling fluids for shallow, deep and complex high-pressure wells as well as addressing the associated environmental and safety issues.The objectives are to:

  1. Train students to acquire in-depth understanding of the principles of drilling fluids technology; and
  2. Prepare students to take up jobs in the oil and gas industry.

Undergraduate Programmes

The BSc Petroleum Engineering Programme aims at providing firm grounding in concepts of Petroleum Engineering disciplines and related courses to reflect the sophisticated and fast-evolving technologies employed in petroleum exploitation. Students will be equipped in skills needed to create and apply innovative technologies in petroleum industry operations to meet the requirements
of the Ghanaian and international petroleum and allied industries.

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