Loan Services

Books in the main lending collection can be borrowed for specified times for various Library users as listed below:

Under-graduate students may borrow up to 2 books for 2 weeks; renewable only once if not requested by another reader.

Post-graduate and research students may borrow up to 3 books at a time during their modular programmes on campus. All books must be returned before leaving campus.

Senior Members may borrow up to 6 books for 4 weeks, subject to recall if circumstances of the Library so demand.

Lending of books cease 30 minutes before closing time.

Note: A fine of one Ghana cedi (Gh¢1.00) per book per day applies for failing to return borrowed books on due date.

Online Databases

Increasingly our resources are online, and through UMaT’s mem­bership in Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Ghana (CARLIGH), we have access to more than 9,000 journals and other resources. For a complete list of databases go to E- Resources

Current Awareness Service

UMaT Library provides current awareness services to keep users of the University community well-informed of all current information created in their fields of work and other related fields electronically (email).


Reprographical Services


The photocopier is located in the Business Enclave located on the Ground Floor, between the Main Library and the Computer Centre. Please follow the procedure set out when requesting for photocopies. Most materials can be photocopied so long as they are done within copyright regulations. The copies are in black and white.


Black and white A4 (single or double-sided)                    Gh¢0.20

Black and white A3 (single or double-sided)                    Gh¢0.30


Thermal Binding

Users may have documents bound at a cost in the Business Enclave. Please leave your document for binding at the following rates:

Number of sheets/size of thermal cover Cost (Gh¢)
   20    1.50
   40    2.50
   60    3.00
   80    3.50
   100    6.50
   150    6.50

Project Work Binding

In accordance with standardization regulations adopted by the Academic Board of the University, the Library offers the following services to students:

Pear green vanguard board covers(1 pair)                    Gh¢4.00

Pear green vanguard board covers and binding            Gh¢7.50


Staff and students can scan materials(within copyright regulations) using print/copy/scan machines located in the Business Enclave.

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