Doctor Of Philosophy Programme In Geological Engineering

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9.1 Entry Requirements
• A candidate shall hold a Master's degree or its equivalent, from a recognised institution and shall submit evidence of adequate training and ability to undertake the proposed programme.
• A candidate who does not hold a Master's degree shall first register for a Master's degree by research. If he/she proves himself to be of sufficient caliber by the end of the first year of the programme, he/she may be recommended to register for the PhD degree; this registration shall be deemed retrospective from the date of the original registration for the Master's degree.
• A candidate, who does not satisfy the requirements stated above but is otherwise adjudged suitable, may be admitted.

For the purpose of assessing his/her suitability, such a candidate may either be interviewed or required to take an entrance examination, or both as directed by the School of Postgraduate Studies on the recommendation of the Departmental Board.

9.2 Programme Duration
A candidate shall pursue full-time programme of study and research for at least two years, except that:

• A candidate fully engaged in advance study and research for his/her degree, who, before registration, was engaged in research to the satisfaction of the Department concerned, may be exempted for not more than one academic year.
• In special circumstances, the Department may recommend that a candidate be allowed to spend not more than one academic year of his/her programme in advanced study research at another institution, provided that his/her work can be supervised in a manner satisfactory to the Department and the School of Postgraduate Studies.
• A full-time candidate who is engaged in research for the degree shall present himself/herself for examination not later than three years from the date of his/her registration.
• A part-time candidate shall present himself/herself for examination not later than four years from the date of registration.

In special cases, an extension of these time limits may be granted on the recommendation of the Department.

9.3 Areas of Research
A candidate may be required to audit appropriate courses/modules and also submit a thesis under the supervision of an academic staff in any of the following areas of research:
• Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry
• Economic Geology
• Water Resources Management
• Mine Water Remediation
• Environmental Geology and Hydrogeology
• Geotechnical Engineering

9.4 Employment Opportunities

There are employment opportunities in the following areas:
• Large and Small Scale Mining and Allied Companies
• Financial Institutions
• Construction Companies
• Environmental Protection Agencies
• Mines Department
• Minerals Commission
• The Universities and other Educational and Research Institutions
• Geological Survey Department
• National Energy Board
• Water companies
• Other Governmental and Non-governmental Agencies

9.5 List of Academic Staff and Areas of Specialisation
i) All other applicants who do not satisfy (i) above but have degrees in Engineering and Science are eligible only after an interview.
ii) Holders of the UMaT Diploma who have at least 3 years professional experience and with proven ability in their respective disciplines are eligible for admission.
iii) Foreign applicants with proficiency in English language are eligible for admission after careful consideration of transcripts, relevant references, etc.

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