Master's (Modular) Programme In Mechanical Engineering

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 4.1 Titles of Programmes

The titles of the programmes is MSc/MPhil Programme (Modular) in Mechanical Engineering.

14.2 Programme Objectives

The main objectives of the programme are to produce graduates with a wide range of knowledge of modern engineering enterprise and to develop skill in advanced mechanical engineering in the field of thermal power and fluid engineering.

14.3 Entry Requirements

The entry requirements for the Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering are:

i) Applicants must have BSc First Class or Second Class (Upper Division) in Mechanical Engineering, Agricultural Engineering and Engineering from a Recognized University.

ii) All applicants who do not satisfy (i) above but have degree in Engineering and Science may be eligible only after passing an interview.

iii) Holders of UMaT Diploma in Mine Mechanical Engineering or Earth Sciences and related Engineering programmes who hold senior positions in an appropriate industry and have at least 5 years professional experience with proven ability in their discipline are eligible for admission.

iv) Foreign applicants with proficiency in English language who satisfy the requirements of (i) or (ii) above are eligible for admission after careful consideration of transcripts and relevant references.

v) A student may be admitted to participate in any module on non-scoring basis. In this case, he/she may participate in class discussions, do practical work, take examinations and generally enjoy the privileges of a class member. No credit is given either on completion of a module or at a later time. Such a student shall be given the award of either a Certificate of Proficiency if he/she passes the examination of Certificate or Participation if he/she does not take the examination or fails the examination.

14.4 Programme Requirements

The Department offers two Master’s Degree programmes. These are:
• MSc in Mechanical Engineering (Thermal Power and Fluid Engineering).
• MPhil in Mechanical Engineering

a) Graduation Requirements

i) MSc Mechanical Engineering Degree

• A minimum of 45 credit hours is required for the award of MSc. Degree. The programme is composed of a minimum of eight (8) modules (24 credit hours), Postgraduate Seminar (3 credit hours), Field Trip and Report (3 credit hours) and a Thesis (15 credits).
• Each module runs for a maximum of two weeks (10 working days) duration; examinations in each module shall be taken within a week after completion of the module.
• There shall be a minimum of forty (40) contact hours in each module (4 hr/day).
• A student may take a module on non-scoring basis. In this case no credit will be given either on completion of a module or at a later time.

ii) MPhil Mechanical Engineering Degree

• A student is required to audit three (3) core modules outlined in Section 14.5 and two others recommended by the supervisor to facilitate his/her research work. The candidate is also required to present at least one seminar.
• The successful defence of a thesis is required for the award of the MPhil Degree in the chosen area of specialization. The thesis should be an embodiment of independent research conducted by the student under the guidance of a Supervisor on a significant problem in a chosen area of Mechanical Engineering

b) Programme Duration

• Full-time – A maximum of four (4) semesters for coursework and thesis.
• Part-time – A maximum of six (6) semesters.

c) Registration

• Full time students are required to register a minimum of four (4) modules per semester.
• Students should register modules they intend to participate in by the third week of every semester. Students may, however, pay module participation fees at the time the module is being offered.
• To be of good standing one must enroll in at least three modules per academic year.