Master's (Modular) Programme In Geological Engineering

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8.1 Title of Programme
The title of the programme is Master’s Programme (Modular) in Geological Engineering

8.2 Programme Objectives
Geologists today are looking for new and innovative ways of finding new ore deposits to meet the growing demands of society. Mineral exploitation is associated with environmental problems, and this poses a great challenge to the geologist who must find remedies to avoid ecological disaster as the industry expands.

The Geological Engineering programme recognizes these facts and strives to develop new approaches within the framework of a sound quality education.

The Modular Master's Programme aims at producing motivated and highly qualified geologists/geological engineers who can be relied upon to identify and solve the numerous problems confronting the mineral and construction industries in Ghana and the West African sub-region. The programme also aims at providing a firm grounding in basic and advanced concepts and modern methods of mineral exploration, geotechnical engineering and hydrogeology.

It is structured to offer the possibility of continuing education thereby making it possible for practicing earth scientists and/or engineers in the industry to update and upgrade their knowledge and skills in the various areas of specialization while still on the job.

The main objectives of the programme are:
• To provide an avenue for practicing earth scientists in the mining and related industries to develop and update their knowledge and skills in mineral exploitation, geological engineering and hydrogeology.
• To turn out competent postgraduates with creative thinking and innovation by challenging them to identify and solve problems
• Independently and/or collectively through research.
• To produce competent postgraduate students capable of advanced careers in the minerals and allied industries, universities and research institutions.