Master's (Modular) Programme In Mineral Engineering

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Title of Programme
The title of the programme is Master’s Programme (Modular) in Mineral Engineering.

13.2 Programme Objectives
Mineral resources contribute significantly to the economy of Ghana; providing employment and foreign exchange among others. This notwithstanding, the mining industry is faced with technical, environmental and social problems. The available ores are low grade and their mineralogical composition very complex, a situation that results in low recovery and generation of large volume of waste material. The latter presents a real environmental challenge, which undermines public trust for the industry. Furthermore, there are other mineral resources that are least exploited like industrial minerals and there is the need to train human resources for the processing of these minerals.

The programme is therefore designed to:
• Train and upgrade the knowledge of Mineral Engineers to cope with the ore complexities and their inherent environmental issues.
• Enhance the diversification and maximization of mineral processing in Ghana and elsewhere.
• Produce competent postgraduates capable of making a career in research and teaching.

13.3 Entry Requirements

a) The entry requirements for the Master’s Degree in Mineral Engineering are:
i) A BSc First Class or Second Class (Upper Division) or its equivalent in Earth Sciences and related engineering programmes.
ii) All other applicants who do not satisfy the requirements of (i) above but have degrees in Engineering & Science may be eligible only after passing an interview.
Holders of UMaT Diploma in the Earth Sciences, who have at least five (5) professional experiences with proven ability in their discipline.
iii) are eligible for admission.
iv) Foreign applicants with proficiency in English language who satisfy the requirements of (i) or (ii) above are eligible for admission after careful consideration of transcripts and relevant references.
v) A student may be admitted to participate in any module on non-scoring basis. In this case, he/she may participate in class discussions, do practical work, take examinations and generally enjoy the privileges of a class member. No credit is given either on completion of a module or at a later time. Such a student shall be given the award of either a Certificate of Proficiency if he/she passes the examination or Certificate of Participation if he/she does not take examination or fails the examination.

13.4 Programme Requirements
The Department offers two Master’s Degree Programmes. These are:
i. MSc Mineral Engineering Degree Programme
ii. MPhil Mineral Engineering Degree Programme

a) Graduation Requirements
The following are the requirements for graduation:

i) MSc Mineral Engineering Degree
• A minimum of forty-five (45) credit hours is required for the award of the MSc. Degree. This is made up of a minimum of four (4) compulsory and four other modules (at least 24 credits hours), Graduate Seminar (3 credit hours); Field Trip & Report (3 credits) and Thesis (15 credits).
• Each module runs for a maximum of two weeks (10 working days) duration; examinations in any module shall be taken within a week after completion of the module.
• There shall be a minimum of forty (40) contact hours in each module (4 hr/day).
• A student may take a module on non-scoring basis. In this case no credit will be given either on completion of a module or at a later time.

ii) MPhil Mineral Engineering Degree
A student is required to audit four (4) compulsory modules outlined in Section 13.5. In addition he/she may also audit modules recommended by the Supervisor to facilitate his/her research work. The student is required also to present at least one seminar.
• The successful defence of a thesis is required for the award of the MPhil degree in Mineral Engineering. The thesis should be an embodiment of independent research conducted by the student under the guidance of a Supervisor(s) on a significant problem in a chosen area of Mineral Engineering.

(b) Programme Duration
• Full-time: A maximum of four (4) semesters for coursework and thesis
• Part-time: A maximum of six (6) semesters.

c) Registration
• Full time students will be required to register a minimum of three (3) modules per semester.
• Students should register modules they intend to participate in by the third week of every semester. Students may, however, pay module participation fee at the time the module is being offered.
• To be of good standing, a Part-time student must enroll in at least three modules per annum.


                        AND RELATED INDUSTRY FOR 2016/2017 ACADEMIC YEAR

Module No Module Title Date Instructor
MR 351 Introduction to Computer Applications 6th – 17th Jun, 2016 Assoc Prof P. A. Eshun
MR 261 Introduction to Mineral Engineering 20th Jun – 1st Jul, 2016 Assoc Prof Grace Ofori-Sarpong
MR 509 Statistical Models 4th – 15th Jul, 2016 Assoc Prof S. Al-hassan
MR 503 Operations Research 1st – 12th Aug, 2016 Assoc Prof V. A. Temeng
MR 500 Thesis 15th– 19th Aug, 2016 Thesis Supervisors
MR 501 Mineralogy 22nd Aug – 2nd Sept, 2016 Dr. G. M. Tetteh
MR 513 Environmental Management 12th – 23rd Sept, 2016 Prof. N. Amegbey
MR 505 Mineral Particle Systems 26th Sept – 7th Oct, 2016 Assoc Prof W. K. Buah
MR 511 Biotechnology in Mineral Engineering 17th – 28th Oct, 2016 Prof. R. K. Amankwah/ Dr Grace Ofori-Sarpong
MR 521 Research Methods * 7th – 18th Nov, 2016 Dr B. Kumi-Boateng
MR 507 Aqueous Processes in Mineral Engineering 21st Nov – 2nd Dec, 2016 Assoc Prof E. K. Asiam
MR 508 Industrial Minerals Beneficiation 5th – 16th Dec, 2016 Dr. C. K. Owusu/ Dr. E. A. Agorhom
MR 506 Economic and Financial Evaluation 9th – 20th Jan, 2017 Prof. D. Mireku-Gyimah
MR 502 Precious Minerals Beneficiation 30th Jan – 10th Feb, 2017 Assoc Prof E. K. Asiam/ J. J. K. Gordon
MR 500 Thesis 13th - 17th Feb, 2017 Thesis Supervisors
MR 512 Mineral Process Design and Control 27th Feb – 10th Mar, 2017 Prof. R. K. Amankwah
MR 510 Mine Waste Management 20th– 31st Mar, 2017 Dr. S. A. Ndur
MR 504 Non-ferrous Metal Beneficiation 10th – 21st Apr, 2017 Dr J. R. Dankwah
MR 518 Field Trip and Report * 1st – 5th May, 2017 Training Officer (MR)


NOTE* For Registered Students only

(i) Participation fee is GH¢1,000.00 per module for registered students
Participation fee is GH¢1,250.00 per module for other participants
All foreign students are to pay $USD500 per module
(ii) Registration closes one (1) week before commencement of module
(iii) To register please contact: The Dean, School of Postgraduate Studies

University of Mines and Technology, Tarkwa
Tel: +233 3123 20935/20324
Fax: +233 3123 20306



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