Master's (Modular) Programme In Geomatic Engineering

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8.5 Programme Structure
a) Core and Compulsory Modules

The MSc coursework comprises 6 core/compulsory modules namely:
Operations Research (GM 503)
Statistical Models (GM 509)
Mine Economic & Financial Evaluation (GM 506)
Environmental Management (GM 513)
Geographic Information Systems (GM 503)
Global Positioning Systems (GM 508)

In addition, a minimum of three (3) other modules must be selected by the candidate in consultation with his/her Supervisor. Introduction to Computer Applications is compulsory but a candidate may apply for exemption. Applicants without adequate Geomatics background will be required to register for the module in “Introduction to Geomatic Engineering”.

Field trips will be organised and all students will be required to participate in at least one of them. An essential requirement of the modules is that students devote the afternoons to tutorials, practicals or field trips.