Design of a Cost Effective Total Dissolved Solids Logger for Water Quality Monitoring in Mining Communities

Albert Kofi Kwansah Ansah


Mining operations adversely affects water bodies by way of releasing toxics into local streams and filling in entire valleys. There are fears that, mining activities could cause serious metal pollution to water resources in its catchment area. This poses a threat to human use as well as the existence of aquatic organisms. The number of victims affected by mining related disease is bound to escalate in the future if effective monitoring water resource around its catchment area is not conducted. In view of this, there is the need to have a system that would aid environmental authorities to monitor the pollution levels of these water bodies around the mining communities. This paper seeks to design a cost effective logger that could be used to monitor the degree of ionic concentration of these water bodies found around mine operation areas. The device measures and monitors the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) levels of these water bodies around the mining areas.


Mine operations; Water bodies; Total dissolved solids; Logger; Water pollution

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