Making the Use and Storage of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safe by Using Electronic Gas Leakage Detectors – Opportunities and Threats

Christian Kwaku Amuzuvi, Prosper Kofi Ashilevi


The paper reviews and discusses the opportunities and threats associated with the use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas and how to ameliorate the threats by the use of electronic gas detectors. Most developing countries now use Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) as a source of fuel mainly for cooking in homes and premises to substitute for charcoal and firewood in response to the bid to save the planet from green gas effects. This paper looks at the opportunities and threats of the usage of LPG and serves as a prelude to a comprehensive paper, which proposes a design solution to the threats of having to live together with LPG gas cylinders at homes and elsewhere. This paper brings to light, the emerging issues with the use of LPG especially in homes and premises in Ghana. It also enumerates incidences of gas explosions due to LPG leakages and concludes with the evolution of gas detection from the use of canaries to gas sensors. The recommendation is to use appropriate electronic gas detectors to reduce the risks associated with the use of LPG especially in homes. 


Keywords: Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Sustainable Energy, Gas Leakage, Gas Detection, Gas Storage Systems


Liquefied Petroleum Gas; Sustainable Energy; Gas Leakage; Gas Detection; Gas Storage Systems

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