MSc/MPhil Degree in Mathematics (Financial Mathematics, Statistics and Computational Mathematics)

  1. Applicants must have PgD, BSc First Class or Second Class (Upper Division) in Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Engineering and physical sciences from a recognized University.
  2. All applicants who do not satisfy (i) above but have degrees in Mathematics, Statistics with Economics, any Engineering field or other related Physical Sciences and are adjudged suitable by the departmental board concerned may be interviewed where applicable.
  3. International applicants with proficiency in English language who satisfy the requirements of (i) or (ii) above are eligible for admission after careful consideration of relevant documents.
  4. A student who has satisfactorily completed a postgraduate diploma programme may be considered for admission on the recommendation of departmental board concerned.

PhD Degree in Mathematics/Statistics

  1. A candidate shall hold a Master’s degree in Mathematics or Statistics or its equivalent from a recognized institution and shall submit evidence of adequate training and ability to undertake the proposed programme.
  2. A candidate who does not hold a Master’s degree shall first register for a Master’s degree by research. If he/she proves himself/herself to be of sufficient calibre by the end of the first year of the programme, he/she may be recommended to register for the PhD degree; this registration shall be deemed retrospective from the date of the original registration for the Master’s degree.
  3. A candidate, who does not satisfy the requirements stated above but is otherwise adjudged suitable, may be admitted.
  4. For the purpose of assessing his/her suitability, such a candidate may be interviewed or required to take an entrance examination, or both as directed by the School of Postgraduate Studies on the recommendation of the Departmental Board.