We warmly welcome you to the Department of computer Science and Engineering. This programme offers a carefully selected set of undergraduate courses to given prospective graduates a strong blend of practical and theoretical knowledge in both Computer Science and Computer Engineering. This is the only department in Ghana where such a powerful combination of Computer Science and Computer Engineering have been introduced.

In UMaT, this Department is known for its innovative and creative capabilities. In 2012, the Computer Science and Engineering Department won the inter-departmental quiz competition  during UMaT’s 60th Anniversary of UMaT. Through the hard work of its young and vibrant lecturers, the Department has won more awards in the yearly Career and Innovation fair than any other Department in UMaT. Besides, the automation of important systems in the university often begins in this Department. To encourage more creativity and innovation, the Department has constituted the Innovative Skills Exchange Platform (ISEP]. ISEP is a webinar which brings technology-drivers (individuals, universities, industry and research and innovation laboratories) together on quarterly basis to showcase innovative solutions to a wide range of problems facing the world today.  It affords our students the opportunity to gain and share knowledge beyond the borders of their university.

We therefore welcome and encourage you to position yourself for hard work, excellence, creativity and innovation.