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Wednesday, 18 April 2012 11:04
Alumni Constitution
Alumni Constitution

The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, School of Mines (KNUSTSM) , Tarkwa,has been in existence for half a century now. It started as a Tarkwa Technical Institute in 1951, turned into a School of Mines in 1963 and became affiliated to the University of Science and Technology (UST) in 1976. It has the primary objective of producing graduates to meet the manpower requirements of the mining and allied industries in Ghana.


KNUSTSM has excelled in this task and has, over the years, produced a number of graduates most of whom are now at top management positions in a number of mines and allied industries. A few of these graduates are also in the academia. The School went through a gradual series of changes (metamorphism??) and is now a College, known as the WESTERN UNIVERSITY COLLEGE (WUC), since October 2001.

The new status calls for a concerted effort by everyone, including all those who have graduated from this School, to enable KNUSTSM/WUC meet its set goals and objectives.
In the light of this, efforts have been and will continue to be made to organize the graduates (ALUMNI) of KNUSTSM/WUC into a strong body so that resources/ideas are pulled together to help our Alma Mater.
To enable the association run effectively, this document sets out the governing principles by which the association shall operate to bring some sanity/discipline into our fold.


The following bye-laws/regulations, discussed at a general meeting of the association and approved by all members on ……………………., shall remain the authority governing the Association as its CONSTITUTION. This constitution shall be subject to amendment as and when necessary.


The name of the association shall be KNUSTSM/WUC ALUMNI ASSOCIATION and its registered address shall be P. O. Box 237, TARKWA.


(A)     To mobilize and integrate all OLD STUDENTS of the KNUSTSM/WUC as a unitary entity to facilitate effective implementation of the mission of KNUSTSM/WUC;
(B)     To foster close relationship among all branch associations as much as possible to facilitate oneness of purpose in contributing towards the growth of the main association and the university as a whole;
(C)     To encourage ALL ALUMNI to conduct their lives in the society in order not to bring the name of the university and their professions into disrepute;
(D)     To place at the disposal of the students, academia and society, members'
experience; esp. Professional, as a means of contributing effectively to the development of the nation's resources;


Membership is open to EVERY PERSON who has followed an approved programme of study in the School/College since its inception.


The Executive Committee shall consist of seven (7) members as follows:

The Executive shall submit names of persons who, in their opinion, qualify to be selected as Advisors/Patrons of the fellowship. There shall not be more than five (5) Advisors and seven (7) Patrons of the association.


Any person elected by simple majority shall hold that office for a period of three (3) years and could be re-elected to the same position for another term. Thereafter, he/she steps down and could be re-elected to the same office after another three years.  


A. The association shall operate a bank account with any of the state-owned banks of its choice. The President, Treasurer and Secretary shall be signatories to this account. The President and either the Treasurer and/or Secretary can honour any bank transactions.
B. The Treasurer shall present an audited statement of accounts once a year.


In view of the nature of our professions and job careers, two general meetings shall be held at locations to be determined by the full house. The secretariat shall notify all branches in writing about the venue, agenda and any other information pertaining to the meeting. The meetings shall, among other things, elect, suspend or remove officers, adopt annual statement of accounts, and discharge any competent business in the interest of the association. Emergency meetings shall be convened at the instance of the Executives as and when necessary. Delegates may be invited from branch associations to these meetings. At ALL meetings, one-third (1/3) of the membership shall form a quorum for the disposal of any business.


i.    All Executive office(s) shall be filled by voting at a meeting;
ii.    Voting shall be opened to all paid up members present by show of hands except where a motion is tabled that the vote be taken by secret ballot, in which case it must be carried by, at least, two-thirds (2/3) of members present and who are entitled to vote;
iii.    Except where otherwise and expressly provided in this Constitution, all issues shall be decided by a simple majority of members present and voting at a particular meeting.

In a case of a tie, the President (Chairman) of the meeting shall have a second chance of casting a vote.


a.     When an Executive member resigns:
i.    He/she shall send a letter of resignation to the President (or in the case of the President, to the Vice) giving reasons for the resignation.
ii.    The Executive members therein gathered shall have the mandate to determine its acceptance or rejection;
iii.    Where it is accepted as having resigned, a new appointment shall be made at a later date to fill the vacancy thus created;
iv.    Where the letter is rejected, the member shall remain at post till his/her tenure of office expires.
b. In case of death, an interim appointment shall be made until the next general election to elect a substantive person to that position.
c. Any member found to be ineffective in his/her office shall first be cautioned and allowed to continue in that office. If the ineffectiveness persists, he/she shall be removed from office by a vote of no-confidence supported by not less than two-thirds (2/3) of the members of the executive council present.
d. Any vacancy resulting (a) and (b) above in the Council shall be filled by Appointment of (a) new person(s) who is a fare paid-up member(s) of the association by the Executive Council within two weeks.
e. Any new appointment(s) shall be announced at the next general meeting of the association, and all other branches informed in writing accordingly.


a.    The association shall determine modalities to generate funds to run its day to day activities through membership dues, voluntary contributions, donations, and any other fund-raising activities to be decided by the association.
b.    Dues shall be determined by a general concensus and will be ¢ ………..per member per month until otherwise amended.


a. These bye-laws are subject to amendment at a general meeting during which two-thirds (2/3) of the members are present. An amendment shall be carried by a simple majority of votes cast.
b.    Proposals for amendment shall be given/received, at least, three weeks before the general meeting during which proposals would be discussed.

DATED THIS …………….    DA Y OF ………………….    200 …………    .