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Wednesday, 18 April 2012 10:51


The 1975 year group laid the foundation for the interpretation of status of the School Diploma and its subsequent affiliation to the KNUST, Kumasi. The then President and General Secretary of MESA 1975 year group (Mensah A.A. and Mr. E. Ofosu-Asante - General Manager VEE) worked very hard on this to commit the Principal at the time, Mr. M.T. .Kofi to work on this - WE GAVE HIM A REAL HELL OF TIME.

In 1976 the desired recognition of the Diploma and its equivalence to the KNUST. Kumasi standard and affiliation came into being and first Diploma Certificate bearing the distinguished logo of the KNUST, Kumasi was issued

In 1977 the first batch.eft of the BSc candidates were admitted, initially, to do the first year at Kumasi campus' and the rest of their studies up-to the Postgraduate Diploma level at Tarkwa campus. Students so privileged to be the first candidates for the BSc - Postgraduate Diploma- were in the persons of

•    Dr. Sulemana AI-Hassan
•    Dr. Baffour-Boakve
•    Mr. Raymond Suglo
•    Mr. Seidu Yamba -Deceased

These were referred to as the K’77 year group. This continued until 1981 when the first batch of the students started their first year of study at the Tarkwa campus. The T’81 group commenced the Tarkwa batch of students that had survived to date culminating in present system, which offers BSc and MSc modular courses in Mining Engineering, Environmental Studies and currently Mineral Exploration.

This brief history would not be complete if mention is not made of CIDA. which sponsored-academic programmes in the early days of the school up to the granting of the affiliation status, the UNDP which brought in lecturers to build up the academic base for running the SSc programmes to be followed later@the GTZ, complementing with visiting lecturers for the programmes. During this period, Ghanaian lecturers were engaged to under-study the expatriate staff of the UNDP and the GTZ, with the view to taking over from them.

All this while, only male students were attracted to the various programmes offered at the school. The first female student to be offered admission, read for a certificate in mining engineering. She was in the person of Miss Comfort Aba Amissah. Unfortunately, she could not fully complete the programme due ill health. At the same period, another female was offered admission to do an MVT course. She’is currently Mrs. Ndede.

The first lady to be admitted to BSc Mining Engineering programme is Mrs.Victoria Bleppony former Miss. Victoria Addison currently with AMS, Damang. Aboso Mine. She opened the floodgate to the current influx of female studentto the school. Currently, the school has at least not less than 20 female students equally rubbing shoulders with their male counterparts in the quest to make their marks in the mining industry.

When the idea of celebrating the 50th year anniversary of KNUST, Kumasi. which happens to be the 25th year anniversary of KNUST School of Mines the need to form an Alumni Association was mooted which paved the way for the first meeting – a very modest one, to be held in my office. Officers elected at this first meeting were

•    Mr. Mensah A. A.             Interim Chairman
•    Mr. E. Mabee                   Interim Secretarv
•    Mr. R. S. Nartev               interim Org. Secretary
•    Mr. E. M. Buaba               Member

Mr. Mabee soon left at the expiry of his National Service term and Mr. Buaba had to take oyer as the Interim Secretary.

As these officers were resident in the school effort was made to notified all Alumni in the Mining and Allied industries of the formation of the Association so that our presence would be recognized when the account is made of history of the 25th anniversarv would be launched.

It so happened that during the course of the preparation for the launch Mr. Ndede of GAG (AGC Conglomerate) approached the Principal to know how well the Alumni is being involved in the preparation. Sequel to this he was asked to give a short address during the launching which in effect gave formal recognition to the presence of the Alumni in the scheme of things concerning the celebration of the Silver Jubilee.

The official recognition set the tone for the 1st informal meeting of the members present to finally form the National Association. At the meeting the general agreement reached was to accept the interim administration as the National Officers, to attend to the day-to-day administration and to set goals and implement the vision of the Alumni association.
At this very meeting other officers, and representatives were also elected to co-ordinate: affairs pertaining to the Association in their various places of employment. Patrons and advisors were nominated from among past Principals and prominent alumni to give the required pieces of advice and directions as nd when needed.

The results of these endeavours have culminated in this present inauguration of the associations and the zeal to leave a land mark in the infrastructure of our dear alma matter - viz Sod-Cutting of the JCR for the school which is envisaged to cost the Alumni approximately c700,000,000.00.